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The company and the customer establish a long-term partnership, not a simple buying and selling relationship. We will continue to work with customers to develop together. All the company's operating systems, management systems, strategic planning, missions, and visions have a fundamental core, which is profit. The source of profit is the customer, so meeting the customer's needs is a high work policy for our business operations. Customer satisfaction is the starting point and criterion for checking our work.

Our commitment principle for the feedback of customer complaints across the country; immediate feedback, no excuses; correction immediately and correction. If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, please call us directly, thank you for your attention!

Provide 8-hour hotline inquiry service, email reply, purchase bargaining, order online consultation, etc., and also continue to strive to provide professional service support to cooperative operators.

In order to enable engineers to continuously improve their personal technical level and provide customers with more comprehensive services, our company must provide engineers with professional technical training every month and conduct irregular technical assessments.

If there are any problems during the use of the product, you can consult the professional after-sales service center set up by the company to provide fast after-sales service.

Professional integrated marketing management

Professional integrated after-sales service

Professional integrated customer consultation