Yongkang Kunde Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
Uphold the spirit of truth-seeking,
pioneering and innovative
Insight into industry trends,
gather the company's growth
Intentions, rest assured products,
ease to use

1. Firmly believe that we are developing together, not simply selling our products.

2. High school education or above, good health, hard working.

3. Entrepreneurial.

4. Strong management and communication skills.

5. Accept the company's business philosophy and service specifications.

6. Willing to accept our management and supervision.

7. Has been engaged in this industry for more than one year and has a good reputation in the industry.

8. Have certain investment ability.

9. The headquarters and the franchisees are business alliances, which are limited to vertical business relationships. Any franchisee's civil and criminal liabilities shall be borne independently, and the headquarters shall not bear joint and several liabilities.

10. Do not damage the company's corporate image during the sales period.