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What are the ways to avoid tea stains in the mug?

How to avoid tea stains in the mug? What are the ways to avoid tea stains in the mug? Nowadays, we are all using stainless steel mugs provided by the mug manufacturers, but can't the mugs be used for making tea? Do you know why? Let Yongkang Kunde Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. answer your questions and doubts. Because you often use a mug to make tea after a period of time, a layer of dirty tea stains will accumulate and it is not easy to clean. Making tea does not have the scent of tea leaves. If a layer of tea scale is accumulated for a long time, it is not only unsanitary, but also shortens the life of the insulation cup.
The reason why tea cups are not suitable for use in tea, affects the taste of the tea itself, and loses the health effect. Because the temperature of the insulation cup is usually relatively high, if the tea can be quickly distributed, it also reduces the fragrance of tea. In addition, tea leaves that have been blanched through high temperature will lose their rich nutrients and then lose the health effects in the tea leaves, so it is not suitable to use a mug for making tea. Here we remind those who often use insulated cups to make tea. In order not to affect the insulation effect of the insulated cup and the tea scale in the cup, please come in and avoid using insulated tea.