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Tips for extending the life of your mug

The rapid development of the insulation cup market has led to a variety of insulation cups at different prices in the market. Even if you can't tell which stainless steel insulation cup is of poor quality, one thing you remember is that cheap is not good and good is not cheap. I spent a lot of money to buy a favorite stainless steel insulation cup, how can I make it fully use its energy? As long as consumers can do the following, stainless steel insulation cups can generally be used for a long time:
1. Because the cup lid and the middle plug are plastic parts, do not put them in boiling water or sterilize them in a sterilizer or microwave oven, or they will cause deformation.
2. When the insulated cup is not in use, remember to dry it upside down, or put it in a ventilated place to dry, so that the life of the cup will be longer.
3, vacuum cup is vacuum-sealed and has good sealing. Impact and fall will affect its insulation effect.
4. Keep in mind that you can't put milk, Chinese medicine, carbonated drinks, or irritating or corrosive objects or liquids. (A, milk, fruit juice, and dairy products contain protein, which is prone to decay for a long time; b, soft drinks, carbonated drinks, the pressure will rise and easy to spray; c, acid drinks such as lemon juice, plum juice, etc., will cause poor insulation).
5. Rinse the newly purchased cup first with water, and then clean it with a cup brush (the cup brush should be soft, such as a sponge brush, do not use a hard tool to brush the stainless steel liner), and then pour 90% into the cup Cover the cup of hot water, drain it after soaking for a few hours, and you can use it with confidence.