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How do I use a thermos cup?

How do I use a thermos cup? Can a mug make tea? Yongkang Kunde Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. teaches you how to use a thermos cup. Especially the older generation at home, like to bring a thermos cup, and then put tea in between to make tea. Some even soaked for 2 days, the tea in the cup has not been changed, and the tea cup has not been cleaned. Generally speaking, there is no doubt about the safety of using insulated cups for making tea. But the best way to make tea is not to use a thermos cup.
Generally speaking, it should not be kept for half a day even after being kept at low temperature after opening. If hot milk is placed in a thermos cup, it is like a petri dish, and it will soon degenerate. It should be prevented. And if you keep cold for a short time, there is not much doubt. Soda can not be held in a thermos bottle, soda can be dangerous in rigid containers. In terms of cleanliness, even if only boiled water is installed, the insulation cup needs to be cleaned once a day, otherwise the warm environment will cause a lot of bacteria to multiply.