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Four Principles of Vacuum Cup Selection

No matter what kind of cup is, if the quality is not good, the user's safety will be endangered during use, so don't make up your mind because the shape of the stainless steel insulation cup is good-looking. So how do you know that the quality of the insulation cup is good? The manufacturer will talk about the four rules for the selection of the insulation cup:
1. Hygiene: It means that the raw materials of the insulation cup should be healthy. The material of the vacuum insulation cup is mainly stainless steel and plastic. The plastic cover and rubber ring must be made of environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to the human body or the environment. No harmful chemicals of BPA are added. The plastic used for the cover is PP food-grade plastic. The simple measurement method is to smell it with your nose. There should be no odor or odor.
2. Insulation: According to the light industry standard (QB / T2332) stainless steel vacuum cup (pot), the heat preservation performance standard is: at room temperature 20 degrees, fill the cup with boiling water above 95 degrees and cover After 6 hours, the water temperature of the cup with a capacity of less than 400ML is not less than 42 degrees, and the water temperature of the cup with a capacity of more than 400ML is not less than 54 degrees.
3. Sealability: This is a point that people consider more when buying insulation cups. Excellent sealing performance is the key to choosing a thermos cup. A good thermos cup must not leak.
4. Reliability: It is necessary to know whether the related products are from the company that specially manufactures thermos cups. When the product has quality problems, whether it can obtain after-sales service or exchange in time, it is wise to choose enterprise products that can protect the rights of consumers.
So when you choose, you can use this method to perform some simple tests, so that you can know whether the cups we are using are good or bad in quality.