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Thermos cup keeps cold in summer and autumn and keeps warm in winter and spring

Holding the thermos cup in your hand can not only provide warmth from the surface, winter and spring are the seasons when our skin is dehydrated, so there is less moisture, so it can also give us the initial warmth from the heart. In reality, we know how to get rid of a thermos cup? Let's go in and discuss it together!
The insulated cup is generally a water container made of ceramic or stainless steel plus a vacuum layer. The top has a lid and is tightly sealed. The vacuum insulation layer can slowly dissipate water and other liquids contained in the insulated cup to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. Especially in the cold winter and spring insulation cups, the insulation cups have one of the functions of normalization.
It is understood that the thermos flask was developed from a thermos flask. The principle of thermal insulation is the same as that of a thermos bottle, but people make the bottle for convenience. There are three ways of heat transmission: radiation, convection and transmission. The silver bladder in the insulation cup can reflect the radiation of hot water, the vacuum of the bladder and the cup body can block the transmission of heat, and the bottle that is not easy to transfer heat can prevent the heat convection. The current thermos bottle also uses the principle of magnetized water, which is to add a magnet to the bottom and the cap of the bottle to make the water magnetized.
Here, do you know the evolution of the insulation cup? Do we need a cold insulation cup in summer and autumn? Do we need a fashion companion that can warm up in winter and spring? The stylish and exquisite thermos cup gives you a cool feeling in summer and autumn! It gives you in winter and spring Bring warmth! This is also the "insulation cup to protect" warm "and" cold "dual-use.